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Following the Notification of the Ghana Shippers Authority of 26th March 2015, the implementation of the Advance Shipment Information (ASHI) has been postponed until the ASHI has been successfully integrated in the single window system operated by the Ghana ports.

Please be informed that the following countries require an ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note). Please click on relevant country below:

Dolphin Movers are the appointed agent for the UK and Ireland for each of the countries listed above.

Cargo arriving to any of the ports of the above countries without a ECTN will not be cleared until a valid ECTN has been delivered by the loading port and the receiver risks demurrages and warehousing costs. Fines will be imposed on cargo not covered by a ECTN.

The primary purpose of an ECTN is tracking shipments to see the origin and nature of goods imported into a particular country to prevent global trafficking of prohibited goods. Under our shipping services, we are able to generate ECTNs for cargos loading at any port worldwide, which means producing a document to verify the commodity, value, origin and destination. We have the approval of the agents Antaser to issue the document for specific countries for loads originating from any port worldwide.

Port Authorities of Central African Republic, Chad, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Senegal, Burundi and Niger have nominated 'Antaser Afrique' our principals as its worldwide general agent and we are the UK/Ireland sole agents for these ECTN's.

Shipping lines are bound to include the ECTN-number into the Bill of Lading and cargo manifest under the penalty of effective fines.

Validated ECTN will be a mandatory document for the (transit) custom clearance at above Ports; cargoes arriving without ECTN will be blocked for delivery until validation of a regularisation ECTN.

All applications and queries must be forwarded to

For Multiple ECTN issuance and validation, Shipping Lines should contact us for further information.

Thank you for your attention and should you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Maria Yianni on 020 8216 6310.


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