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International Removals to Brazil | Shipping to Brazil | Removals to South America

Dolphin Movers arrange professional international removals to Brazil at very competitive prices. We carry out home or office removals to South America on a regular basis to all parts of Brazil, including the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte and Salvador. Depending on how many possessions you are taking with you, we can organise full or part load container shipments.

We have been carrying out international removals to Brazil for many years, helping many people to settle in their new home or to set up new offices in South America. As the country has been named as one of the world's fastest growing economies, a number of large businesses are opening up branches in Brazil. In addition to this, some UK citizens have taken the decision to move, either to take up a post in one of the many international companies, or simply to enjoy a better lifestyle.

Shipping to Brazil involves a lengthy sea journey so while your furniture and possessions are being moved, you may want to keep some of your essential items with you. For this, we recommend using our air freight service so you are not parted with your most important items for long. If you have any larger, bulkier valuables that want moving, such as a piano or vehicle, we can also arrange specialist transportation to Brazil for these prized possessions.

Removals to Brazil – click here to find out more about our removals to Brazil service.

About Brazil

Geography and Demographics

Brazil is the fifth biggest and most populated country in the world. The capital is Brasilia, which has a population of under three million, but this is not the most populous city as more people live in the cities of Sao Paulo (11 million), Rio de Janeiro (6 million) and Salvador (3 million). Brazil's total population was 201 million in 2013.

The country makes up almost half the entire continent of South America and has an extensive coastline of more than 4,500 miles. All the South American countries border Brazil, with the exception of Chile and Ecuador.

Flights from London to Brazil take around 11.5 hours direct, although the time will vary depending on which airport you fly to, and it will take longer with stopovers. The four busiest airports for passenger traffic are: Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International, Rio de Janeiro's Galao International, Gongonhas Airport in Sao Paulo and Presidente Juscelino Kubitchek International Airport, Brasilia. The key international ports are Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Rio Grande, and in addition to this, Brazil will soon have the new super port of Sao Joao da Barra.


Brazil, of course, is the famous for being the world's biggest exporter of coffee. In addition to this, other major exports are cars, footwear, aircraft, iron ore, computers, steel, soybeans and textiles. Among the main industries are tourism, agriculture, steel, cars, aircraft manufacturing, and science and technology.


People have lived in Brazil for at least 10,000 years when the country was occupied by a number of different tribes. Even today there are still various tribes living in the rainforest, many of whom have little or no contact with the outside world.

In 1500 the Portuguese arrived in Brazil and unfortunately the early settlers brought with them diseases such as measles, influenza, TB and smallpox, which wiped out large numbers of the population. The same year, the land was made part of the Portuguese Empire and colonisation began in 1534. Towards the end of the 17th century was the Brazilian gold rush which attracted many more Portuguese settlers.

In 1822 the country declared itself independent from Portugal, and September 7 is still celebrated as Brazil's Independence Day. Three years later, the country's independence was finally recognised by Portugal. In 1888, a year after the abolition of slavery in the country, the monarchy was overthrown.

What followed were periods of instability, and military rule, before a return to democracy in the 1980's. In 2011 the country elected its first female president, Dilma Rousseff, and in 2016, the city of Rio de Janeiro will plunge into the world spotlight as it hosts the summer Olympic Games.

Attractions and Activities

Lively cities, beautiful white sandy beaches, tropical islands, lush forests and scenic waterfalls are all part of the appeal of Brazil. One of the country's most visited attractions, however, is the 130ft statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janerio, which stands at the top of the 2,300ft Corcovado mountain.

The carnival season is a popular time of year to visit; and, by far the largest and most famous is the Rio Carnival which attracts 500,000 foreigners and hundreds and thousands more on the streets. Described as a 'wild, four day event', it culminates in the colourful Rio Samba Parade.

As well as its world renowned celebrations, Brazil offers some amazing cuisine and fine wines. Some of the more traditional dishes have European or African influences and among them are Farofa or fried cassava flour, which includes various other ingredients and is normally sprinkled on top of rice and beans, Feijoada, a black bean stew with beef and sausages, Vatapa, a prawn and fish dish in a peanut sauce, and coconut truffles.

Brazil is also a fantastic place to live if you enjoy being active as it offers plenty of sporting opportunities including surfing, beach volleyball, rock climbing, snorkling, cycling, rafting and horse riding.

Expats in Brazil

Brazil can be a wonderful place to live and the weather is so much better than back in the UK too! Most of the population (99%) speak Portuguese and although English is spoken in many of the cities, the top advice from expats is to learn the language if you can.

If you are moving house to Brazil with children, the good news is that there are some excellent private and international schools.

Shipping to Brazil – click here to find out more about our removals to Brazil service.


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