cargo tracking notes FAQs

Cargo tracking notes FAQs

International moving companies involved in overseas shipping of any kind, whether for personal removals, business removals, excess baggage shipping or commodity shipping, are now required to provide or obtain Cargo Tracking Notes for all cargo travelling by sea. Here we answer some Frequently Asked Questions about the CTN scheme.

What is the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) system?
Cargo Tracking Notes (or CTN's) are a way of verifying the contents of every cargo, and then tracking that cargo between ports. Every cargo travelling by sea must be issued with a CTN by an approved agent prior to departure.

Why and When Were CTN's Introduced?
CTN's were introduced following the September 11th attacks as a means of improving the security around marine shipments.

Is the CTN mandatory for all shipments?
Yes, the CTN is required for each & every Bill of Lading including groupage containers.

Which countries have implemented CTN?
Most countries like the United States, the European Union, Asia, the Middle East and Africa have all implemented the scheme.

Who are to comply with the CTN in accordance with ISPS Code and their roles?
All international moving companies are required to comply with the cargo tracking note scheme. The shippers comply by collecting the required information on the goods to be shipped at a particular port. The carriers comply by checking that all cargo is covered by a CTN number before receiving for shipment, the Port Authorities check the details and the statistics to eliminate any threat to the safety of lives and port facilities.

Where do I obtain my CTN?
You can only obtain your CTN from Dolphin Movers, the sole agent for UK & Ireland.

Can you generate a CTN for a consignment loading at a port other than the UK or Ireland?
Yes, we are able to generate CTN's for cargos loading at any port Worldwide.

How do I pay for my CTN?
You can pay by bank transfer or credit/debit card in advance.

How long will it take to obtain my CTN?
On receipt of your fully completed CTN and cleared funds, it will be generated within 24 hours & despatched to your choice of address.

Can you despatch my CTN to any address worldwide?
Yes, we are able to courier endorsed CTN's to any address worldwide at an additional charge set within our tariff.