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Corporate Moving Company – International Shipping – Office and Business Removals

If you are moving your business within the UK or abroad, or require employee relocations, we are an experienced corporate moving company, skilled in UK, European and international business removals. For office moves, you need a company you can trust, and with a 20 year track record in global removals for businesses, Dolphin Movers are just such an organisation.

Whether you need home or office content removals, or corporate packages, we can support you every step of the way, so you and/or your employees can look forward to settling into their new home and taking up a new role.

Here are some of the corporate services we provide:

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Meanwhile, here is a brief look at the top five best countries for business, according to leading American business magazine Forbes (2013):

Ireland – This is a trade dependent country, and in the light of the world economic crisis in 2008, the export sector has been largely led by foreign, multinational companies. The industrial and service sectors are a key part of the economy.

New Zealand – A free market economy that competes on a global scale, creating a boost to the industrial sector and ultimately incomes too. New Zealand relies on trade, and its main export partners are Australia, UK, US, China and Japan.

Hong Kong – It is dependent on global trade and finance and has a strong goods and services sector, with half of its exports going to the mainland. It also has a thriving tourist industry, with more visitors arriving from China, than anywhere else. In addition, Hong Kong is the main stock market for Chinese firms looking to list abroad.

Denmark – Denmark is reliant on foreign trade. It has technologically advanced agriculture and industry sectors, and leads the way in shipping, renewable energy and pharmaceuticals. People moving to this country can expect a high standard of living.

Sweden – Sweden offers a good standard of living and has a very skilled workforce. Timber, iron and hydropower play an important role in the economy, with the engineering sector accounting for half of the country's output and exports. Most of the industrial firms are privately owned.

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