corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Here at Dolphin Movers Ltd, when we're not carrying out our home moving service or business removals, we strive to assist people in every conceivable way and are actively pursuing a number of ways that we can make our own operations more eco-friendly as well as seeking involvement in community activities.

Some of the ways we give back to our community is by sponsoring Expos, ensuring that people can attend and get any and all information they need for relocating to other places in the world. A good example of this is the 2009 Israel Expo. Also, our staff occasionally give speeches regarding moving to local communities to help them understand the process and what they should look out for and/or what they will need.

Another issue Dolphin Movers is keen to uphold is recycling and the environment. Dolphin Movers utilises greener vehicles, such as smart cars, to try to keep CO2 emissions down. We are now looking at running some of our vehicles on a mixture of CNG or CBM (Compressed Natural Gas or Compressed Bio-Methane), the latter made from digestion of organic wastes.

Also, we make sure the packing materials used in our business removals and home moving service are as environmentally friendly as the removal business allows and, where possible, we try to recycle packing materials for other uses. Our de-clutter service also contributes to this effort as we ensure that all used packaging is either reused or recycled correctly, helping both our customers and the environment.

Finally, Dolphin have recently looked to sponsor its local football team as a means of giving back to the community, helping the team move forward and ensuring that the community has something to be proud of.

Environmental Policy

Dolphin Movers Ltd fully accepts its responsibility to minimise the impact that its activities may have on the quality of the environment. Management and staff have undertaken to adopt and comply with an environmental policy appropriate for our activities.

The Company has implemented a programme which aims to improve environmental quality by reducing the impact of day-to-day operations.

It is the policy of the Company to: