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Removals to Australia – A Guide to Brisbane

Australia is one of the most popular places for British expats to settle, partly because of the language, the beach lifestyle, and to seek a better standard of living. Of those who have organised removals to Australia, many have settled in Brisbane, which has a fast growing population, ten per cent of whom are British. Among the main attractions of the city is the laid back, outdoors lifestyle, which is why so many Brits have decided to settle here permanently.

It is certainly understandable why so many thousands of Britons have chosen Brisbane as their home. Its vibrant nightlife, thriving arts scene and sporty lifestyle are just some of the many reasons why thousands of Britons have made the move to Australia and have never looked back.

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Where to Live in Brisbane

Queensland’s capital has many fantastic areas to live including the Gold Coast, which is a surfers’ paradise, or the Sunshine Coast. If you are moving to the Western Suburbs, Kenmore, Brookfield, and Fig Tree Pocket are all great for families, with some excellent amenities including schools and bus services. Trendy places to live include New Farm and Fortitude Valley, and if you like to live outside the city, Mount Crosby is a good place for country living. The best thing is to do your research, have a chat with local estate agents and take a drive around potential areas.

Discuss your budget with an estate agent or letting agent, your priorities for areas (such as city, beach or countryside), plus amenities such as living near good schools or leisure facilities and they will help guide you on the areas most suitable for you.

Working in Brisbane

Brisbane has a multi-cultural population so you will feel at home here; as many as a third of the residents (Brisbanites) were born overseas in places such as the UK, New Zealand, India, mainland China, South Africa, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Expats take up posts in the finance industry, IT, education biotechnology, business and the tourist industry, among others. Brisbane also has a number of industrial areas with industries that include petroleum refining, paper milling and metal working. In addition to this, the port is a major employer.

International Schools in Brisbane

If you are moving house to Brisbane with children, there are a variety of schools including state-run, independent and religious schools, and a third of students attend fee paying schools. There is just one official international school, the co-educational St Paul’s School in Bald Hills, the northern suburbs, although more private schools are starting to offer the International Baccalaureate as an option. At graduate level, Brisbane has a number of universities and colleges offering various further educational opportunities.

Shopping in Brisbane

A popular place to shop is Queen Street Mall, which also has other centres within it, and Westfield Chermside, the city’s largest shopping centre. There are also plenty of other places to splash out in, including Edward Street, home to a variety of upmarket brands, such as Gucci, Chanel and Ralph Lauren, and there also a massive Apple store in the region too. For something different, head to Brunswick Street Mall in China Town which has a Sunday market. Other markets include Davis Park, a Saturday farmers’ style market, and Valley Markets, open at weekends.

Brief History of Brisbane

Brisbane is named after 19th century governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane, who ordered a penal colony to be developed in the area of Moreton Bay. Non-convicts started occupying the region 15 years later. Two years later (in 1840), the first plan of the city was drawn up ready to accommodate the expanding population. Finally, in 1859, Brisbane was chosen as the capital of Queensland. Nowadays, Brisbane’s population continues to expand at an average rate of about 2% a year.

Places to Visit in Brisbane

Brisbane has a variety of attractions and landmarks to visit once you have organised your international removals to Australia. This includes the city museum, which explores Brisbane’s history, the City Hall, which is a famous landmark, and various religious buildings including St John’s Cathedral, which is built in a Gothic revival style. If you are moving with young children, the zoo, and the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary are a huge hit with families, as is the planetarium, which you can find in the beautiful Botanic Gardens.

Food in Brisbane

Brisbane has a variety of eating establishments, from budget restaurants to high end eateries offering critically acclaimed food, including E’cco Bistro, Urbane, Restaurant Two and the Japanese restaurant, Sake. The range of restaurants reflects the international population, and you can find all sorts of food served from Chinese to Italian, Vietnamese, Indian, Middle Eastern, German, Turkish and French.

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