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Removals to Perth, Australia

Australia is the most popular country for British people to settle in, lured by a better standard of living, an outdoor lifestyle, sunny weather and beach culture. And, of all the cities British people organise their removals to, Perth in Western Australia comes out top with 7,000 UK professionals moving here last year alone. So, why it is the city so appealing? One of the reasons is that the economy is advancing at a rapid rate so there is a rising need for all sorts of professions from doctors to retail workers and teachers, so it makes sense for those able to fill the job gap to relocate to sunnier climes.

Certainly, there are countless reasons why people settle in Perth. In 2014, the city, which lies on the Indian Ocean, was declared one of the most liveable cities in the world. Attracting more than 3 million tourists a year (including domestic tourists), expats are attracted by its vibrancy, arts and culture, excellent beaches, employment opportunities, quiet and safe neighbourhoods, and an added bonus is that despite rising property prices, you get more for your money than you would back in the UK.

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Where to Live in Perth

If you are looking for places to live in Perth, where you choose to settle really depends on personal preference, your budget, closeness to workplace and amenities, and whether or not you have children.

Classed among the best suburbs for families are: Melville, which is trendy and stylish; Bibra Lake, which has a community feel and is close to all the amenities; Currambine, a peaceful, green suburb; Duncraig, a safe neighbourhood close to beaches, shopping centres and good schools; Ferndale, a green suburb south of Perth; Munster, a quiet neighbourhood; Edgewater, an up and coming suburb close to all the facilities; Booragoon, a friendly safe neighbourhood; and City Beach, which is ideal for lovers of beach life.

As Perth is considered a quiet city with some of the country's best beaches, it's a perfect place for children to grow up in.

Working in Perth

Mining is big business in Perth, with gold, oil, iron, natural gas, and diamonds mined in land around the city. As more people moved to work in the mining industry, this fuelled the need for employment in other areas such as the service sector. The rising population led to a greater demand for jobs in retail, the business sector, health, education and public administration, which is why so many Britons have settled in Perth.

International Schools in Perth

If you are organising removals to Australia with children, there are some superb state run and private schools in Perth and some of these schools are geared towards international students.

Among the schools that offer the international Baccalaureate in Perth include: The Montessori School (in Kingsley suburb) for children aged 12 – 18 years; Scotch College, a boys' school in the coastal suburb of Swanbourne which also offers boarding facilities; the International School of Western Australia; City Beach, for pre-primary to 18-year-olds; The Presbyterian Ladies' College, from juniors through to seniors in the leafy suburb of Peppermint Grove; Helena College a co-educational school in the Hills district that caters for pupils up to the age of 12 years; St Brigids College, 25 minutes from Perth's Central Business District and also offers boarding facilities; and John Wollaston Anglican Community School, a co-educational boarding school.

Shopping in Perth

If you like to splash out every now and again, Perth offers some excellent shopping opportunities from high street stores to boutiques and designer clothes shops including Gucci and Louis Vuitton. For luxury shopping, head to King's Street and Hay Street in the Central Business District, but for quirky independent stores go to Northbridge. There are also some large shopping centres in the outer residential areas such as Morley and Booragoon. If you are in search of a bargain, head to Freemantle Markets which is open on Fridays and at weekends.

History of Perth

Perth was founded in the first half of the 19th century when Captain James Stirling made it the administrative hub of the Swan River colony. It is actually named after Perth in Scotland and after it gained city status, the population increased with the gold rush in the 19th century.

The population rose again rapidly after the Second World War, largely as a result of mining booms over the next two decades. Perth is now home to a number of mining related firms including BHP Billiton, and Anglo-Australian firm whose main headquarters are in Melbourne.

Places to Visit in Perth

Perth has many fantastic places to visit including Perth Zoo which is South of Perth and is home to many species from around the globe. Many of the museums are centred around the areas of Freemantle, the city coast and Swan River including Freemantle Prison and the Maritime Centre. In addition, Perth is a centre of culture for arts and entertainment and hosts a number of festivals throughout the year including the annual Perth International Arts Festival.

Food in Perth

Among Perth's specialities are crayfish which you can buy relatively cheaply during the summer months. Another good dish to try is chilli mussels, which is widely available in Perth. For lovers of fine wine, it is worth going wine tasting in Swan Valley in the hills or further afield near Margaret River, where you may also get the chance to sample some excellent local produce.

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