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Removals to Czech Republic | Shipping to Czech Republic | Moving House to Czech Republic

Recent years have seen a growth in removals to the Czech Republic, with around 10,000 people from the UK living there. If you are heading off to live in this beautiful and historic central European country, Dolphin Movers can organise your relocation. We have carried out regular shipping to the Czech Republic for years, and organise moves both for individuals and for companies.

Because the Czech Republic is part of the EU, people from Britain have the right to live and work there. The capital, Prague, is a particularly popular destination for UK workers, because it already has a lively established expat community to welcome them. It combines a wealth of history and culture with all the amenities of a modern city.

Whether you are undertaking removals to Prague or another town or city within the Czech Republic, Dolphin Movers will move your household contents by road across Europe to your new home. We offer both a packing and unpacking service if required, and can also provide up to four weeks' storage at no extra cost, if this is required. We can also organise moves for people moving in the opposite direction, to the UK from the Czech Republic.

Removals to Czech Republic - Follow the link for details about shipping to Europe with Dolphin Movers.

Geography and Demographics

The Czech Republic shares borders with Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia. Its varied landscape includes the mountain ranges and plains of Bohemia and the picturesque vineyards of Moravia. The country's main international airport is Prague Václav Havel Airport, with around 11 million passengers flying in and out each year. A direct flight from London to Prague takes under two hours. Although it is a landlocked country, it is linked to other countries in Europe by major rivers including the Danube, the Elbe and a network of waterways. River ports include Decin and Usti nad Labem.

The population of the Czech Republic is around 10.5 million people, with nearly 2 million living in the larger urban zone around Prague. Other major cities include Ostrava, Brno, Olomouc, Zlin, Pizen, Liberec, Cesk├ę Budejovice, Hradec Kr├ílov├ę and Pardubice. More than half a million people living in the country are estimated to be foreign nationals, including large numbers of Ukrainians, Slovaks and Vietnamese, as well as Bulgarian, German, Polish, Greek and Russian communities.


The Czech Republic has one of the most stable market economies among the former Eastern Bloc states. Its most important industry is car manufacture, with more than a million vehicles being built per year. Other major exports include machinery, metals, electronics, chemicals and beer. The financial sector and service industries are also increasing in importance, and tourism is becoming increasingly successful.


The region which is now the Czech Republic has had many different rulers over the ages, including ancient Celts and Germanic tribes. The Duchy of Bohemia, later a kingdom, was formed in the 9th century. It came under Habsburg rule from the 16th century onwards and was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire up until the First World War.

After the end of the conflict, in 1918, the country of Czechoslovakia was formed, and had some years as a parliamentary democracy before it was occupied by the Nazis during the Second World War. Following the Second World War, the country was dominated by the Soviet Union and the Communists.

But in 1989 the Velvet Revolution saw the peaceful restoration of democracy. Three years later, the country formally split into two separate states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which was again a peaceful process. The Czech Republic went on successfully to build a market economy and eventually joined both NATO and the EU, sealing its status as a forward-looking independent nation.

Landmarks and Attractions

Although it is a small country, the Czech Republic has plenty to see, and draws more than seven million tourists every year. Not surprisingly, the historic city of Prague is the biggest draw for visitors, with attractions including Prague Castle and the nearby ancient Golden Lane, the romantic Charles Bridge and St Vitus Cathedral. Another must-see is the amazing Dancing House, a futuristic 1990s creation which is designed to look like a couple dancing.

Beyond the capital, central Bohemia is a popular region to visit, with a number of historic chateaux to see, including the chateau of Melnik, where you can sample the local wine. If you're more of a beer fan, then don't miss the famous brewing museum in Plzen in West Bohemia, where the world-famous Pils lagers were created. There are also many spa towns in this area, including Karlovy Vary, Franti┼íkovy L├ízne and Mari├ínsk├ę L├ízne. East Bohemia has spectacular waterfalls and mountains to discover, and South Bohemia offers forests to explore, while north Bohemia boasts the "Bohemian Switzerland" national park, with the chance to take boat trips through rocky gorges. Moravia and Silesia also have many interesting historic sites and landmarks to visit.

Expats in the Czech Republic

Freedom of movement within the EU has seen many people from the UK embarking on removals to the Czech Republic, with a growing British expat community being established there. Most expats will live in and around Prague, where a large number of international companies are based, offering a wide range of career opportunities. There are also many international schools here, where English teachers are in demand. Tourism is another sector where many expats are employed. Although English is widely spoken in the business world here, it's a good idea to learn basic Czech too if you are moving house to the Czech Republic.

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Further Information

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