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Removals to Greek Islands | Shipping to Greece | Removals to Europe

At Dolphin Movers we specialise in removals to Europe, including removals to Greek Islands, especially the beautiful islands of Corfu, Rhodes and Crete. As well as shipping to Greece mainland destinations such as Athens, we help a large number of people moving to Greek Islands in order to retire or to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle and Mediterranean climate.

We carry out around 10 removals to Greek Islands or back again every month, so we have the familiarity with the region and the intricacies of travel and customs that operate here – all invaluable for helping your move go smoothly. Shipping to Greece's many islands from the UK involves a combination of road and sea travel which can take several days to complete, so coordinating the movement of your belongings with your own personal travel can take some organising. As part of our service we offer free storage for up to 4 weeks before your removals date and, if required, we can also arrange to pack or unpack your belongings for you.

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About the Greek Islands

Greece has a large number of islands, including Crete, Corfu and Rhodes. About half the islands are inhabited.


Geography and Demographics
Crete has a population of over 600,000 with Heraklion as the capital city. Other major towns include Chania, Rethymon, Lerapetra, Agios Nikolaos and Sitia. There are two international airports at Heraklion and Chania and a smaller one at Sitia. There are six passenger ports at Kissamos (Kastelli), Souda, Rethymnon, Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos and Sitia. Flights from the UK take around four hours.

The economy is based mainly on agriculture and tourism. Exports include olive oil, wine, bakery products, citrus fruit, raisins, herbs and honey.

Between 2800BC and 1400BC, the Minoan civilization inhabited Crete. After this, the Achaeans and Dorians settled on the island. In 67BC Crete was conquered by Rome. During this time Crete became a significant hub for Christianity. From 824AD to 961AD, Saracens took possession of the island and from 1204 the Venetians resided in Crete until 1669, when it was defeated by the Ottoman Turks. Crete regained its independence in 1897 and was united with Greece in 1913. More recently Crete was seized by the Nazis in World War II.

Attractions and Activities
As well as beautiful beaches, Crete boasts beautiful 14th and 15th century chapels, ruined Minoan palaces and towns, hiking and botany. Crete has three waterparks one near Hania, one near Iraklio and one at Hersonissos.


Geography and Demographics
Rhodes has a population of over 115,000. Rhodes City is the island's capital and other towns include Lalysos, Afantou, Archangelos, Kremasti and Kalythies. There is one airport in Rhodes City, although it is not possible to fly directly from the UK to Rhodes. Indirect flights take around six hours or more. Rhodes is also a major ferry destination with connections to other Greek islands, mainland Greece and to Turkey.

The economy is mainly focused on tourism. Small industries process imported raw materials for local retail. Other industry includes agriculture, stockbreeding, fishery and winery.

The first inhabitants of Rhodes came from Asia and later came the Dorians. Other occupants include Persians, Macedonians, Turks, Saracens, Venetians, Genovese and Romans. More recently Rhodes was taken by the Italians during the First World War, under whose control it remained until 1943. Rhodes and the other Dodecanese islands became part of the Greek state in 1947.

Attractions and Activities
Attractions include museums, walk the walls, ancient sites, knights' castles and painted churches. Rhodes has excellent conditions for windsurfing.


Geography and Demographics
The population of Corfu is over 109,000. The capital city is Corfu Town (Kerkyra). Its largest other towns are Kanáli, Potamós, Kontokáli, Alepoú, and Gouviá. Kapodistrias airport is located in Corfu Town. Flights from the UK to Corfu take just over three hours. Corfu Town also has a port where ferries come from the Greek mainland and Italy. It is also a popular stop for cruise ships.

The main industries are agriculture and tourism. Corfu has a large dairy industry and exports butter to mainland Greece.

Corfu's history includes Greek, Roman, Venetian and French occupations. Corfu is mentioned in various myths and legends including Hercules, Homer's Odyssey and Jason and the Argonauts.

Landmarks and Attractions
As well as enjoying Corfu's beaches, other attractions include Corfu Town ( locally known as Kerkyra), Mount Pantokrator, Old Perithia, Achillion Palace and Aqualand. Greek nights are a fun evening and include food, wine and fire dancing.

Expats in the Greek Islands
Greece and the Greek Islands are viewed as a sought after and relaxed expat destination with job opportunities in tourism, construction, telecoms, agriculture, shipping and service industries. Expats in Greece tend to enjoy a high standard of living.

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