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Removals to Hong Kong | Shipping to Hong Kong | Living in Hong Kong

If you are planning removals to Hong Kong, Dolphin Movers are the experts. There has been a boom in numbers of British expats moving to this exciting city over the last few years, with many people working in its thriving financial sector. Whether you are making a career move or relocating for personal reasons, we can organise your whole move from start to finish.

Most people moving house from Britain to Hong Kong are making the journey to work for companies which are already established there. We have a wealth of experience in organising this type of move for individuals and their families. Also, if you are planning to relocate your business, or open a new branch in Hong Kong, we have all the expertise needed to ensure this goes smoothly.

Dolphin offers a whole range of shipping to Hong Kong services, including full container loads or groupage. We offer up to four weeks' storage as part of your overseas move at no extra cost, and can pack for you if required, as well as arranging expert unpacking at your destination. We begin with a free home survey to discuss your needs and then organise a removals package to suit you.

Removals to Hong Kong – Follow the link for more details on our Shipping to Hong Kong service.

Geography and Demographics

With a population of more than seven million, Hong Kong is recognised as one of the world's greatest cities. In Eastern Asia, it is on the south-east coast of China, enclosed by the South China Sea and Pearl River delta. However, it has a very different atmosphere to the Chinese mainland. Its three main areas, where most expats will live and work, are the New Territories, Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. There are also more than 200 smaller islands, the biggest of these being Lantau Island.

The main airport is Hong Kong International, which is one of the world's busiest for both cargo and passengers, with almost 60 million people travelling through it annually. It's estimated that around 94% of people living in Hong Kong are of Chinese descent. But there are also a number of other nationalities, including large communities from Indonesia and the Philippines.

Other groups include people from Pakistan, India and Nepal, plus Western expats who have made the move to Hong Kong. This includes not only people from Britain, but also others from the USA, Canada and other countries. The high standard of living is an attraction for expats, and life expectancy here is among the highest worldwide.


Hong Kong's economy has consistently been ranked as the world's freest because of its open markets and low levels of taxation. The city state is known as a financial powerhouse, with a major stock exchange and many international companies have headquarters here. Hong Kong is also the ninth largest trading economy in the world.


Modern Hong Kong has a unique history, stretching back to the Opium Wars between China and Britain in the 19th century. Hong Kong Island was handed over to Britain in the 1840s, and the other territories of Hong Kong were also leased by the UK over the following decades. Early in the 20th century, the city became a major manufacturing base, with the population growing as many refugees from the Chinese Civil War moved to the area. Later, as the manufacturing industry declined, service industries grew in importance. Sovereignty was handed back to China in 1997, but with an agreement that Hong Kong would be a Special Administrative Region and would continue to have a large element of self-government.

Landmarks and Attractions

Hong Kong's spectacular skyline is an attraction in its own right, with skyscrapers soaring above the bustling Victoria Harbour. You can take a boat ride around the harbour, which is lit up by the Symphony of Lights every evening, making it even more breathtaking. For the best views of the whole area, take a tram ride up to the summit of The Peak, which is Hong Kong Island's highest point and draws around seven million visitors each year. There are two major shopping malls to visit here, alongside public gardens rich in wildlife.

Another top attraction is the Avenue of Stars, on the Victoria Harbour waterfront. This tourist magnet features a 2.5-metre bronze statue of superstar Bruce Lee, alongside a plethora of plaques and handprints celebrating Hong Kong's movie industry. Must-see buildings range from the historic Wong Tai Sin Temple, with its dazzling golden roof, to the futuristic metal and glass of the world-famous Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Bargain-hunters will be eager to visit the Ladies' Market and Temple Street Night Market, which are full of stalls offering all kinds of wares, from fashions to trinkets and traditional delicacies. Other places to visit include major theme parks and top-quality restaurants serving dishes from around the world.

Expats in Hong Kong

People setting out on removals to Hong Kong will find that English is widely spoken in the city, and is still an official language, alongside Cantonese. The high standard of living and good salaries make living in Hong Kong attractive for expats, although it should be borne in mind that the costs of accommodation are also high. Most people moving from Britain to Hong Kong work in the financial sector, and there is also demand for English teachers and people working in the fields of international journalism and publishing.

Moving House to Hong Kong – Click here for your free moving overseas quote.

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