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Removals to New Zealand | Shipping to New Zealand | Moving Overseas

Requests for removals to New Zealand are nearly as frequent as those for Australia, and for similar reasons, with many Brits moving house to New Zealand each year to work in a variety of sectors including healthcare, information technology and education. We can organise shipping to New Zealand for small and large moves, with a choice of part load or full load and to any destination in New Zealand, although the majority of requests are for the cities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Moving overseas can be a daunting task regardless of your destination, but at Dolphin Movers we can help take the stress out of your removals to New Zealand. As well as shipping to New Zealand we can help with packing, storage, insurance and unpacking, with a full door to door service.

Removals to New Zealand – Click here for more information about our removals to New Zealand service.

About New Zealand

Geography and Demographics
The island of New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean and has a population of around 4.4 million. The main cities are Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Hamilton. Its closest neighbours are Fiji, New Caledonia, Tonga (1,000 kilometres away) and Australia (1500 kilometres away).

The North Island, Auckland and Wellington
Auckland lies at the top of North Island and used to be the country's capital until, in the nineteenth century, it was tactfully relocated to Wellington, which lies on the very south of the island, overlooking Cook Strait and therefore as close as possible to South Island. However, Auckland remains New Zealand's largest city and is home to the island's only international airport.

The North Island, as you would expect, is the warmer of the two islands with an average temperature of around 16C (average temperature for South Island is just 10C), and northernmost areas are much warmer, almost subtropical.

The South Island and Christchurch
Christchurch lies on the eastern coast of South Island and is the country's third largest city with a population that is just slightly less than that of Wellington. The South Island is the larger of the two islands but is the least populated. Less than a quarter of New Zealanders live here and most of these live and work either in Christchurch or Dunedin. In recent years Christchurch has been hit hard by a number of serious earthquakes, the last of these occurring in June 2011, which have severely damaged the city, however the city is now well on track to being rebuilt.

New Zealand has a strong and stable economy. New Zealand’s main industries are food processing, timber, paper, textiles, machinery, transportation equipment, mining and service sectors, including banking, insurance and tourism. Major exports include agricultural products, fish, timber and machinery.

The Moa hunters and Polynesians were the first people to inhabit New Zealand in the year 1000 AD. Dutch navigator, Abel Tasman, was the first European to discover New Zealand and James Cook from Britain travelled to New Zealand in 1769. Originally part of the colony of New South Wales, new Zealand became progressively more independent, first becoming a separate British colony in 1841 and then a self-governing dominion of the British Empire in 1907. New Zealand gained full independence in 1947, although it remains part of the Commonwealth, with Queen Elizabeth as head of state.

Attractions and Activities
Landmarks include the Auckland Domain, Goat Island Marine Reserve, The Beehive Building in Wellington, Auckland Harbour Bridge, Mount Eden in Auckland, Rangitoto Island, Auckland City Centre, One Tree Hill in Auckland, Rotorua and Parnell Rose Gardens, situated in the midst of Dove-Myer Robinson Park.

New Zealand offers a wide range of extreme outdoor sports and activities. On the other hand, if a quiet relaxing time is more your cup of tea there are various things to keep you entertained including the natural hot pools. South Island contains large areas of natural, unspoilt landscape which is dominated by the South Alps on the west of the island which offer good skiing and other winter sports.

Expats in New Zealand
After Australia, New Zealand is the second most popular choice for British people who are looking to move overseas and are attracted by the great climate and superb scenery, with unique and fascinating wildlife. English is the predominant language, making it very easy to live and work here; and New Zealand is a peaceful society with a high quality of life.

With its strong economy, New Zealand is always in need of specialist skills to contribute to its continued growth. Although, like many nations, it experienced negative growth in the period 2008-2009, it has achieved largely positive growth since 2010. All this adds up to a strong appeal to people moving house to New Zealand from Britain, Ireland, Australia and the US, as well as many of its Asian neighbours.

Shipping to New Zealand – Click here for more information about shipping to New Zealand.

Further Information

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