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Removals to Slovakia | Shipping to Slovakia | Moving to Europe

Dolphin Movers assist hundreds of people moving to Europe each year, including a good number of removals to Slovakia. Most of these moves are for personal reasons, with many people attracted to work in education, vehicle assembly and electrical engineering, to give just a few examples. Others desire shipping to Slovakia in order to enjoy the great lifestyle that is to be had here at a much lower cost of living.

We carry out shipping to Slovakia several times every month and are highly familiar both with the country itself and the road network, so you can rest assured that your removals to Slovakia are in experienced hands. Whether you are moving to Slovakia for personal or business reasons, our removals to Slovakia service can be tailored to your needs to include packing, insurance and storage as required.

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About Slovakia

Geography and Demographics
Slovakia has a population of over five million and shares borders with the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Its main cities are Bratislava (the capital), Kosice, Presov, Zilina, Nitra, Banska, Bystrica, Trnava, Poprad, Prievidza and Zvolen. There are airports situated in Bratislava, Kosice, Jasna, Lucenec, Martin, Nitra, Piest'any, Poprad, Prievidza, Senica, Sliac, Trencin and Zilina, with flights between London and Bratislava taking around two hours and 30 minutes. There is one port, which is situated in Bratislava.

The service sector is responsible for providing around 69% of the Slovakian population with employment. Although the tourism sector is smaller than that of countries close by, Slovakia has seen a rise in this area. Industries include metal products, food, beverages, various fuels, energy and man-made fibres, machinery, paper and printing, earthenware and ceramics, transport vehicles, textiles, electrical and optical apparatus and rubber products. The main exports are machinery and electrical equipment, vehicles, metal, chemicals, minerals and plastic.

In the 5th century Slavic tribes settled in Slovakia and in due course became united under the Slavic kingdom of Greater Moravia. Magyar tribes attacked Slovakia in the 10th Century and occupied the country for a thousand years. In 1526 Hungary was defeated by the Ottoman Turks which meant that the Habsburgs were able to conquer Upper Hungary (Slovakia). Pozony (now Bratislava) became the Hungarian capital and Buda fell to the Turks.

In 1867 Slovakia was incorporated into the Hungarian section of the dual Austria-Hungary monarchy. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved in 1918, after being defeated in World War I and numerous new states were born including Czechoslovakia. Although technically a parliamentary democracy, Slovaks had little say in the republic's affairs.

The First Slovak Republic was founded in 1939 and was basically a tool for the Nazis. After World War II Czechoslovakia was re-established in 1945. In 1948 The Soviet Union strengthened its grip on Czechoslovakia. The Communist rule was defeated across Eastern Europe and the previously imprisoned Vaclav Havel took over the Czechoslovak presidency. Czech and Slovak Federal Republics were formed in the early 1990s and in 1993 the Second Slovak Republic was born.

Attractions and Activities
Landmarks and attractions in Slovakia include High Tatra Mountains, Castle Spis, Trencin Castle, and Kezmarok. Bratislava is the cultural centre of Slovakia. Cultural activities include musical theatre performances, traditional folk music performances and classical music concerts in various cities and towns in Slovakia. There are also many outdoor pursuits to be enjoyed, such as skiing in the Malá Fatra National Park, climbing the alpine mountains in the eastern part of Slovakia, and taking pleasure in the panoramic landscape that can be seen from the top of the castle in Trencín.

Slovak cuisine has been influenced by nearby nations and uses a wide variety of ingredients and spices. Lunch used to be the main meal of the day but these days Slovaks tend to eat their main meal in the evening. It is usual to take a bottle of wine as a gift if you are invited to someone's home for a meal.

Expats in Slovakia
Expats are attracted to the low cost of living and low taxes in Slovakia. The climate is continental and there is a big contrast between the warm summers and freezing winters. Slovakia has one of the fastest developing economies in Europe and many expats take advantage of the cheap property prices as there are no constraints on foreigners buying property.

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