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Removals to South Africa | Shipping to South Africa | International Moving Companies

Dolphin Movers can arrange private and commercial removals to South Africa at a competitive rate and to the highest professional standards. We carry out shipping to South Africa at least twice a week to all towns and cities including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, and can arrange either part loads or full loads depending on the size of your move.

We have been carrying out removals to South Africa for many years, helping businesses and people moving house to South Africa, either for work or to enjoy the climate and lifestyle, so if you are looking around for international moving companies with the experience to handle your move without a hitch, then Dolphin Movers could be the answer.

Shipping to South Africa involves a long sea journey so while most of your possessions are in transit you may decide that you need to keep some essential items with you. For these items we recommend using our air freight service to ensure your important belongings are with you in a day or so. As well as the usual household belongings we can also arrange transport of larger or specialist items such as vehicles.

Removals to South Africa – Click here for more information about our removals to South Africa service.

About South Africa

Geography and Demographics
South Africa is divided into 9 provinces, each with its own capital. The southernmost provinces are Western Cape (capital Cape Town) and Eastern Cape (capital Bhisho). Continuing east lies KwaZulu-Natal (capital Pietermaritzburg). Together, these three provinces account for most of South Africa's extensive coastline, the rest being provided by Northern Cape (capital Kimberley). In the central part of the country lie the provinces of Free State (aka Orange Free State, capital Bloemfontein), North West (capital Mahikeng) and Gauteng (capital Johannesburg, South Africa's largest city). To the east and north lie Mpumalanga (formerly known as Eastern Transvaal, capital Nelspruit) and Limpopo (formerly known as Northern Transvaal, capital Polokwane). The national capital is split between Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein for different aspects of government. We can help with moving house to South Africa whichever province or city you have chosen to settle in.

Despite its huge area, the South African nation numbers just 52 million – 10 million fewer than the UK. With the majority of the population living in coastal cities such as Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, or inland cities such as Johannesburg or Pretoria, this leaves large areas of sparsely inhabited land.

Major industries include mining, car assembly, metalworking, machinery, textile, iron and steel, chemical, fertilizer and foodstuffs. South Africa’s main exports include corn, precious gems and metals (including gold and diamonds), fruits, other metals and minerals, sugar, and wool.

People have lived in South Africa for thousands of years. The Bantu tribes were some of the first to inhabit the area. In 1488, the Portuguese were the first Europeans to arrive in South Africa. The Dutch East India Company set up shop at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652. Over time many more Europeans migrated to South Africa including German, French, and Dutch settlers, who became known as the Afrikaners.

The National Party came into power in 1849. They were the originators of apartheid and people were segregated according to their race. The white people were in power and whites and blacks were especially segregated.

South Africa became an independent country in 1961. The African National Congress demanded an end to apartheid and equality for black South Africans. Nelson Mandela was one of the leaders of the ANC and he spent 27 years in prison while campaigning for equal rights. Apartheid was abolished in 1994 and black people were allowed to vote. Nelson Mandela later became the first black president of South Africa.

Attractions and Activities
This climate and scenery makes South Africa a major global tourist destination for people wanting to experience the natural beauty and wildlife that is abundant here. The diverse landscape supports a huge variety of interests and activities from a trip through the heat of the Karoo (South Africa's interior heartland) to skiing in the Drakensberg mountains.

As well as the scenery, South Africa offers great food and drink and, in particular, wine, for which the country is world famous. The major wine growing regions of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek benefit from lots of sunshine in summer combined with wet winters, providing ideal growing conditions, very much like the climates of many European wine regions. South African cuisine is diverse, influenced by a variety of cultures including Indian, Chinese, European and African. As a major livestock producer, South Africans are especially fond of their meat, especially when cooked on the barbecue and accompanied by a few glasses of the local wine.

South Africa is also a great location for sports enthusiasts, with soccer, cricket, rugby and tennis being the most popular pastimes here, helped along by good and reliable weather, which also encourages a wide variety of other more informal outdoor sports such as surfing, skateboarding, skiing and cycling.

Expats in South Africa
South Africa is one of the most popular destinations for people emigrating from the UK and it is estimated that there are currently over half a million British citizens already living and working in the country. While many people move to South Africa to work, many also come here to retire or to enjoy the climate and lifestyle. It is estimated that there may be up to 40,000 retired UK people living here, attracted by a climate, which, near the coast, is similar to that of the Mediterranean.

Shipping to South Africa – Click here for more information about shipping to South Africa.


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