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Removals to Toronto, Canada

Canada is one of the top destinations British people move to and is home to well over half a million expats. Among the reasons why so many Britons have made removals to Canada a reality, is because it is a beautiful, peaceful country offering a high standard of living, excellent healthcare and education, and, of course, the majority of the country is English speaking. As Canada's largest city, Toronto attracts a huge number of immigrants, many of whom take up posts in the service industries such as banking, finance, tourism, telecommunications, or media.

There are several reasons why so many Britons organise shipping from the UK to Canada to settle in Toronto. Many people are drawn by the excitement of the city, the friendliness of its people, its amazing outdoor lifestyle, low crime rate, beaches, stunning scenery, festivals (such as Canadian Music Week), its culture and numerous attractions. If you are moving house from the UK to Toronto, Ontario, Canada's largest city also offers more affordable house prices than London, so by moving here you will get far more for your money in terms of property value.

Dolphin Movers are the experts at international removals including house and office moves to and from Canada. We provide regular removals and shipping to Canada including house content moves from the UK or further afield. Whether you require shipping, packing, air freight, storage facilities, and/or insurance, just contact Dolphin Movers for a competitively priced quotation today.

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Where to Live in Toronto

From condos to semi-detached and detached properties, there are a diverse range of homes available in Toronto. If you are looking for an upmarket place to settle, Rosedale is historically an extremely sought after area, and, if you can afford it, you can get a sizeable place to live.

If you are moving to Toronto with children, The Beaches is worth considering and is within easy reach of the Central Business District (CBD). If you like to be in the middle of the action, West Queen West - dubbed 'the coolest neighbourhood' by Lonely Planet - is home to nightlife, art galleries and arty types, and for an area that is on the rise, The Junction is full of charm and offers greater value for money on the property front.

Working in Toronto

As Canada's commercial and economic capital, Toronto offers some fantastic work opportunities. The city is home to a third of the country's industrial organisations and has a growing service industry. At least 40 foreign banks and the Toronto Stock Exchange are based here. And among the leading employment opportunities are jobs in banking, engineering, tourism, film production, telecommunication, IT, education and business services.

International Schools in Toronto

Moving house from the UK to Toronto with family? The good news is that Canada offers high standards of education. Its schools include a mix of publically funded, independent, and establishments that provide pupils with an internationally recognised qualification. In addition to this, the city has a number of universities.

If you prefer your child to receive an international education, some of the big name schools include Toronto French School - a bilingual school, Lycée Français de Toronto (combining the French curriculum with a Canadian outlook), and York School, which takes children from Kindergarten to senior school.

Shopping in Toronto

Toronto has some amazing places to shop from the landmark Eaton Centre (accessible via Dundas and Queen underground stations) - which draws around one million visitors a week and has more than 300 shops and restaurants – to the sights and sounds of Kensington Market and the authentic Vietnamese and Chinese food in Chinatown. For upmarket shopping head to Yorkville, and for underground shopping the 'Path' System shopping centre from Eaton Centre South to Union Street provides a welcome retreat during the coldest and hottest months of the year.

History of Toronto

The site where the present Toronto stands was originally inhabited by Native American people. In the 18th century, during the American Revolution, Britons began to settle here and the controversial Toronto Purchase was made, where a quarter of a million acres of land was surrendered to the British Crown. The city's population increased significantly over the next two centuries and attracted a number of Irish settlers who left their homeland during the Great Irish Famine (1845-52). As the city's infrastructure grew and new industries were built and developed, the population continued to expand thanks to an influx of immigrants from Europe and China. By the 1980s, Toronto became the most populated city in Canada.

Places to Visit in Toronto

Toronto has around 14 million tourist visits a year, mostly from Canada and the US. The most popular attraction (receiving around 2 million international visits) is the landmark, 553m high CN (Canada National) Tower, once the world's tallest structure. It has a glass viewing floor panel and a 360 degree revolving restaurant offering spectacular views over the city. The aforementioned Eaton Centre is another big draw, along with bustling Chinatown. Other great places to see are the Art Gallery Ontario (which displays a range of works including international art), the fascinating Casa Loma, and the Royal Ontario Museum, an architectural marvel. Outside Toronto, Ontario is home to the romantic, awe inspiring Niagra Falls, a honeymoon destination and the scene of many marriage proposals!

Food in Toronto

Toronto has some of the best restaurants in the country which range from fine dining, such as at the celebrity frequented Momofuku complex, to exotic cuisine in Little India and Chinatown. It's an ethnically diverse city, so you will find all sorts of international food here from Greek to Vietnamese, Caribbean, Portuguese, Korean and Hungarian. Drink wise, Toronto has an extensive history of brewing beer, so there's plenty of chance to sample the local produce, and outside the city you will find a number of wineries.

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