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Transport management & maintenance

When furniture removal companies are carrying out long-haul journeys, it is vital that their trucks are well-maintained. We have our own maintenance division to ensure that our fleet of vehicles is always in top condition and delays are kept to a minimum. All the trucks are fully maintained to UK standards, and the benefit to customers in terms of delivery efficiency is that furniture removals in the UK or further afield are carried out quickly with no hiccups due to breakdowns.

Reliability is a crucial factor in choice of a home moving service, and our maintenance record means you can trust us to deliver.

As part of our Environmental Policy, Dolphin Movers Ltd fully accepts its responsibility to minimise the impact that its activities may have on the quality of the environment. Management and staff have undertaken to adopt and comply with an environmental policy appropriate for our activities.

The Company has implemented a programme which aims to improve environmental quality by reducing the impact of day-to-day operations.

It is the policy of the Company to:

  • regularly service and maintain all vehicles to manufacturer's specification; only diesel or unleaded fuel is used in order to reduce pollution
  • schedule and co-load shipments whenever possible
  • road trips are planned in advance - to take the shortest routes thus reducing the number of miles and hours that the vehicle is on the road and amount of fuel used
  • lights and electrical equipment are switched off when not in use
  • our energy saving newly installed lights turn off automatically after a short period of time


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